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Time Line Therapy

Your Time Line is thought to be a way for our subconscious mind, to store our memories, so that we can tell the difference between past memories, future dreams and ideas.
Your memories may not be the exact replica of an experience, but our own representation of them. Everyone sees things in a different way, for example, imagine that you and three of your friends went to a party, and there was an incident, there will be 4 different versions of that incident at the end of the night. That’s because we all have different filters with which we view our experiences. Which means that we take in certain parts of an event that are relevant to us and the other things don’t get through.

Now think of all your memories as being in a line, the first memory being at one end and the most recent at the other. If you think of the time line as a chain and each memory as a bead threaded onto that chain, (this is called the Gestalt) each one of those beads represents a memory the taste the smells, the sounds, feelings, words and images of that memory.

Whenever something happens to us in the present, our subconscious looks for a comparison from similar events memories. We search our memories through our filters, to find a meaning for this new experience.

The theory behind this technique is that If you’ve had a bad experience and you think of each experience as a bead on a chain, Time Line Therapy™ can take that first bead off the chain, then just like a real string of beads, all the other relevant beads (memories/experiences) will just roll off and without having to relive the event. You should then be able to view the experience from a new perspective, enabling you to achieve a more positive behaviour and get more positive results in the future.

The process can be content free, meaning that you do not have to reveal the experience to your therapist or relive it yourself, if you don’t wish to.

* The techniques, used are not magic and for me to be able to help, you need to really desire the result and a full commitment from you is of upmost importance.