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Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) was developed over the last 25 years, by Dr. Roger Callahan PhD, a clinical psychologist in the USA, and the technique was introduced to the UK in 1996. He was a well-established psychologist specialising in, among other things, the treatment of phobias.

It came about whilst treating a woman named Mary for a severe fear of water. This fear was so debilitating that Mary was panic stricken whenever she came across any type of water. She had an extreme reaction to puddles, baths, showers, even rain. Dr. Callahan had a swimming pool at his home and using Cognitive Behavioural and Desensitisation Techniques, in the hope of acclimatising her to water gradually, he decided to treat her there. Mary found this treatment very slow and very painful.

Dr. Callahan was constantly searching for a faster, less painful, more effective way for Mary and his other phobic clients, to be relieved of their symptoms. Among the theories he explored were Acupuncture and Acupressure which are part of Oriental medicine.

One day Mary mentioned that when she looked at the water, she felt sick to her stomach. One of the major acupuncture points for the stomach is under the eye, so on a hunch, he asked Mary to tap firmly under both her eyes. To the absolute amazement of both Mary and Dr. Callahan, Mary's fear of the water disappeared in minutes. Mary ran to the pool, bent down and splashed the water over her face. Her fear of the water was totally gone and has not returned to this day.

This was just the beginning. Dr. Callahan now devoted himself to the work of discovering why and how this cure had happened and how to make it happen again and again with his other clients. He has now developed a complex and very effective system for rapidly diagnosing and treating many forms of emotional distress and sometimes the accompanying physical symptoms also.

Thought Field Therapy, works by using the same energy meridians that are used in the use of acupuncture and acupressure. These energy meridians are used to treat the problem, by tapping these meridian points, and relieve the emotional and psychological distress, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

The therapist will show the client where and how to tap, depending on the issue, in a specific sequence on specific meridian points, whilst focusing on that issue, such as anxiety, panic, anger, fear, addiction, etc. Treatment does not involve prolonged re-living of a problem and suffering can often be relieved in a matter of minutes.

Clients can be taught the tapping sequences to enable them continue some treatments at home.

Dr. Callahan observed in his work with thousands of people, that TFT is effective 80 to 90% of the time. No techniques works with 100% of the people all of the time, but TFT has a truly excellent success rate.

Treating a person with Thought Field Therapy can on help. It cannot harm.

The theory behind Thought field Therapy is that it should relieve, even remove, emotional distresses such as shame, guilt, panic, anger, and everyday anxieties and stresses. It should also be able to reduce and relieve behaviours like compulsive overeating and the addictive use of alcohol or nicotine.

Once this is achieved, the client should then be able to stop trying to figure out the why of the distress because the distress should be gone.

TFT Is currently undergoing clinical outcome trials within an NHS Primary Care Trust.

* The techniques, used are not magic and for me to be able to help, you need to really desire the result and a full commitment from you is of upmost importance.