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Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP must be the hardest thing to describe, in terms that most people will understand. WHAT IS IT?
Well, if you break it down into the three words it goes like this.

Neuro: This is the part of our nervous system, (our mind,) that processes everything we experience. It does this through our 5 senses, which are:-

1. Visual (to see)
2. Auditory (to hear)
3. Kinesthetic (to touch)
4. Olfactory (to smell)
5. Gustatory (to taste)

Linguistic: This is our communication system. It’s the language which the mind (neural network) uses to give meaning to the things we see, hear, touch, etc.:-

1. Pictures How we see things
2. Sounds How things sound to us
3. Feelings How we feel inside,(sad, happy, frightened etc.) how we feel outside
(the feel of the grass underfoot, the warmth of the sun or how a snowflake feels when it falls onto you cheek)

4. Tastes How things taste to us)
5. Smells How things smell to us)
6. Words The Self Talk that we use to help us understand what’s going on

Programming. This is the way we are able find and use these programmes. It’s the way we communicate to ourselves and others through our mind, our neurological systems, in order to achieve our goals.

NLP is how we learn to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

If you have even a little curiosity and a willingness to examine the possibilities, by using the techniques that are taught as NLP, I can help you.

I can help you, to develop the techniques, and methodology to become the person you always wanted to be.