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How Can We Help You?

Problems and Challenges

We go through life with many ups and downs, some which go away and some which travel with us. Many of our issues just seem to descend upon us without warning, and seemingly without cause.

What I do is help to show you how you can see these issues as challenges to overcome, rather than problems which won’t go away.

Below you will see a list of some of the challenges with which I can be of help. If you have a problem that you don’t see in the list, please contact me and I’m sure I will be able to help you find a solution.




Lack of confidence

Phyisical Health

Pain Management




Work relationships

low self-esteem

Public Speaking





Panic attacks

Lack of sleep

Exam help



Life Coaching

Life Coaching focuses on understanding your goals and needs. Watford Therapy will help to keep you on track until you achieve your desired results, and is dedicated to helping you achieve the life you want.

As you are an individual, your program will be specially designed to fit your own personal goals and needs.

I will guide you throughout, by conducting a great training session, overseeing your program and helping you to know what to do and when. We cover all the basics and will show you how to reach your goal in your own time and feeling great!

Your Life Coaching with Watford Therapy will be carried out at one of my local venues.

After a successful initial consultation, a positive and effective training program will be designed specifically for you, to help you on the road to success towards your specific goal.

Please contact me if you feel that there is something that we might be able to help you with.

* Please note that the techniques used are not magic, and a full commitment from you is needed for me to be able to help.