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Cancer Support

I have developed a dedicated site called Complementary Cancer Support, specifically designed for the use of cancer patients and their carers. But here on this page, I will explain a little about what I do.

I use various techniques, using psychotherapy combining Visual imagery, Hypnotherapy, BWRT, NLP, TFT, and counselling therapies. I offer therapy designed specifically for each Individual, giving them the strength and courage to best confront their condition and to complement the excellent care given by the medical profession.

The fact is the medical treatment for cancer is extremely well catered for, however the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis and subsequent mental trauma isn't. This is an area that's really never been embraced by modern medicine....

What I offer is a completely complementary therapy designed to work hand in hand with the medical profession

I am here to offer cancer patients a professional and caring service that psychologically supports them through every stage of their illness. The Hypno+Chemo therapy technique, is designed to fully complement established medical treatments. IT IS NOT AN ALTERNATIVE THERAPY.

Using a 3-pronged approach, (1. medical intervention, 2. a positive mind set and 3. a healthy lifestyle) of the Hypno-Chemo programme, I aim to help cancer patients appreciate they can actively participate in their treatment and wellbeing, going forward with the recommended medical procedures with confidence, knowing that it is for their benefit.


Studies show a positive mind set combined with healthy lifestyle choices may not only psychologically aid a cancer patient's medical treatment, but could also help in relieving their perception of pain and may even help reduce the negative side effects often associated with traditional cancer treatments.

My aim is to give my clients a "Motivation and Positivity” towards their goal, using a combination of therapies designed specifically for each individual client.

For further information about Complementary Cancer Support. Click the link below to view my Complementary Cancer Support website